PopupManager WAB Dev Edition _onSelectionChange: Not Firing for Mobile

06-14-2017 12:02 PM
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The navagation bars in the mobile popup are failing. 

After navigtion button clicked I get the following.

I get the following nasty error message:

I think the error orginates in the PopupManager the  _onSelectionChange Event  (line 99)is not firing as it should. The _onSelectionChange Event calls the  this.initPopupMenu([this.selectedFeature]); (line 121) with the selected feature.

I can tweak the work flow by running the app in a full broswer window and the reseting the window in Chrome Responsive tools for mobile and the mobile popup will behave as it should. The_onSelectionChange Event gets fired every time the navigtion button on the popup gets clicked and I get the expected results.

If I start the app with the  Chrome Responsive tools for mobile set the onSelectionChange Event does not get fired.

It looks like the  event is wired on line 96  on(this.popupUnion.mobile, "selection-change", lang.hitch(this, this._onSelectionChange)); But I can not fiquare out why the binding would not be working or if it is failing.

Any ideas would be greatly apprecisted. - Robert have you ever seen this before?

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