Any new updates for WAB to organize layers into folders in the layer list?

02-16-2015 11:32 AM
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This would be great. I don't understand why it wasn't designed this way from the start.

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   People have been asking for this ability for a long time back in the hay day of Flex and as you are asking now for the same ability in WAB. The issue is that though this seems like a very logical and maybe even simple request by end users, this is by no means a simple thing programmatically for developers. The complexity of the code that would be involved has made me table this enhancement many times back in my flex days. Just FYI from a developers perspective.

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Is there a way to implement something similar to the AccordionContainer in Dojo in Web AppBuilder?  The ability to group layers into folders or containers would be a huge help in web apps that have more than a small number of layers.

dijit/layout/AccordionContainer — The Dojo Toolkit - Reference Guide


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   Sure a developer can use any dojo dijit they want in a WAB widget.

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