Search for related tables ( records )

06-22-2015 03:50 AM
Status: Open
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In Web AppBuilder it is now possible to view related records but it is NOT possible to search for related records.

You have a layer of Hydrants with basic attributes and related table of Inspections, where field workers with Collector are entering the status of Hydrants (Is OK or Is Damaged).

Currently, someone in the office using Web app  can NOT find all the Hydrants which are damaged and needs to be repaired.

To create a list of damaged Hydrants, he should click for each individual Hydrant in the city to see it's related table, which is of course not rational.

You have a layer of parcels and related table of owners.
You can search for parcel number an see who the owner is.
But you can not search for owner name to see all parcels he owns.

Search for related tables should be supported across platform (Web AppBuilder, Dashboard, Collector) or at least in Web AppBuilder Query widget.

Query widget currently supports only Feature Layers and not Tables as an input Data source.


We are having a problem in ArcGIS Online where a feature service has a published related table that contains attributes that we would like to query, symbolize, or label based on.  If we cannot query, symbolize, label, etc. based on related tables, then the alternative (in place currently) is having a feature service with 90+ fields so that our AGOL users can have all of the data needed to query/filter, label, symbolize these various attributes.  As you well know working in a table with this many fields can be cumbersome.  Our data management strategy within the Geodatabase and what we can actually accomplish due to the limitations in the application (AGOL in this case) are conflicting.   

by Anonymous User

The Query widget can be configured to request user input on the parcel number and then return related records for the owners or vice versa. To see more about using the query widget to return related records please consult the following documentation:


We are also going to hit this problem with a customer that wants to filter accident features based on a related table (e.g. vehicles involved). Their relational model is very simple, with just one or two tables related to a layer by a 1-M relationship. However, currently the Filter widget doesn't support filtering by related records and although the Query widget allows for quering a table and then viewing related records, this isn't what the customer is asking for.

I agree that there needs to be much better support for related records as it's not always possible to sensibly flatten the data structure to work around these issues.


I couldn't agree more with the above statement. There needs to be a lot more support for related tables in WAB. 

Their relational model is very simple, with just one or two tables related to a layer by a 1-M relationship. 

Esri please implement this functionality.