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Learn ArcGIS: How to transfer content to your next account

11-13-2020 10:47 AM

Learn ArcGIS: How to transfer content to your next account

Your Content

Your ArcGIS Learn account includes any content you’ve created and saved in ArcGIS Online (maps, apps, etc.). This document provides suggestions on how to save any information from your account that you might want to keep. Please plan to take any needed steps to save your content well before your account's expiration date. Reminder: If you do nothing, all content from your account will be deleted after your account expires. 

You can review what’s in your account by visiting and signing in with your _LearnArcGIS user name and password. Click on the Content tab and the My Content tab below it to see what you’ve saved.

If this material was just used for learning and testing and you do not want to keep it, there’s nothing to do. We’ll delete all the content for you after your account expires. 

Some types of content can be saved to your hard drive, such as ArcGIS Pro projects or Survey123 results which can be downloaded as .csv files. Please note though that without a software license, you won’t be able to open or edit some of these files.

Other types of content like maps or applications that you want to keep, will need to be moved to another ArcGIS organizational account for storage and future use.

Your next ArcGIS Organizational Account

  •  If you are a higher education student, the best place to move your maps and apps is to a university ArcGIS organizational account. Please contact your university GIS department or library for further information on accessing an existing ArcGIS organizational account or creating a new one.
  • Students are always welcome to purchase a low-cost renewable ArcGIS for Student Use license.
  • If you are no longer a student at a university, you can purchase a low-cost one-year renewable Personal Use license.


Methods for Moving your Content (Reminder: These are suggestions and are unsupported - Esri does not test nor provide help with these. You are "on your own.")

There are several ways to transfer content between your ArcGIS accounts in different organizations. The method you choose depends on how much content you want to move and what types of content you need to move. Once you’ve secured a second organizational account, you can select the method that’s right for you. 

1) ArcGIS Online Assistant  

  • What: Creates copies of feature services, maps and (sort of) StoryMaps.
  • How: See these articles from the Esri Education team and from Penn State University. Note that when copying feature services, you must create a Full copy. Otherwise, the copy will point to the original in your account that will be deleted.  
  • Pros: The ArcGIS Online Assistant is very simple to use and provides a user interface that allows you to drag and drop content between accounts. It was recently updated in April 2021 to (sort of) copy StoryMaps. Review the User Guide, specifically about the discussion of StoryMaps workflow. Questions are handled in this discussion on GitHub
  • Cons: This tool only works on feature services, maps (and sort of StoryMaps) and is not supported. You can break things using this tool, so be sure to test on content you can afford to lose, before you use it on valuable content!

2) Save a copy

  • What: The manual process of saving publicly shared content to another account.
  • How: See this documentation page.
  • Pros: This method works.
  • Cons: Content must be shared publicly, and saved manually.

3) Python API 

  • How: See this document for step-by-step instructions, and the documentation for more details. You can use this script as an ArcGIS Notebook or as a Jupyter Notebook. 
  • Pros: This will preserve most of your content by moving it to the new account, including types not covered by other options. 
  • Cons: While you don’t need to know Python to run this script successfully, it’s easier when you have some familiarity with scripting.
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