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Education Trial Retirement Frequently Asked Questions

01-19-2023 01:49 PM

Education Trial Retirement Frequently Asked Questions


    When will the 21 day Education Trial be retired?

    The Education Trial was retired on June 1, 2023.

    What will happen to the 21 day Education Trial accounts in effect on June 1, 2023?

    All trial accounts (that meet eligibility requirements) created up until the retirement date will be honored for the full 21 days. After that period, the accounts will be disabled, then deleted.

    What are the options for gaining access to ArcGIS?

    Visit ArcGIS Software Access Options.

    I am a university instructor who wants to use ArcGIS in my class. I’ve confirmed my university does not yet have licenses for students. How can I get access to ArcGIS software for myself and my students?

    In the U.S., see ArcGIS for Higher Education.

    Outside the U.S., contact your distributor. 

    Why is Esri retiring the 21 day Education Trial?

    Esri expanded its small Learn ArcGIS temporary account offering, meant to support those using Learn ArcGIS tutorials, to address COVID’s impact on software access in spring 2020. Since then, Esri’s Learn ArcGIS team hosted and supported more than 800,000 temporary accounts for ArcGIS users and students who could no longer access ArcGIS from their workplace or university. As of  2023, these users have returned to work and university, respectively, and can once again use licenses held by their institutions.

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