Why does it says 2,000 features?

10-14-2020 03:18 PM
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When I select all the records it only totals up to 76. Also, when I export the data as an Excel it only shows 76 records. Where is all of these features coming from? It takes awhile for the table to load because of the 2,000 features.

I was having an issue w/ surveys not being able to be sent to AGOL earlier today.

Update: Now it's back to normal

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Aldous,

Just confirming your Data view for this survey is now working as expected, and you can see 2000 features, and select all 2000, and also export them all?

The update for 3.11 was on Oct 15, the same day you posted this issue, so it could be that you saw the issue during the 3.11 update downtime.



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Yes the data view is correctly showing the actual 100+ features as opposed to 2,000 features. I was wondering what/how AGOL created these phantom features.

Thanks for sharing that there was a update downtime, possibly caused issues w/ our uploads timing out/stuck in outbox that day. (see my previous post oct 14)