When will nested repeats become available?

04-30-2018 02:38 PM
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To my current knowledge, nested repeats are not a current function for Survey 123.

I have an Inspection form I am creating in Survey 123 for the Joint Use section of my corporation. But I am not able to accomplish what I need to since nested repeats aren't available.

For example: There are (electric/power) poles. These poles can have multiple attachments (i.e- cable company attachments). Each of these attachments can have multiple violations (i.e- broken or unsafe according to our code). Right now I have the form to geopoint a pole, enter in that pole information, and the ability to use the Repeat function to add multiple attachments for that pole. I need to be able to add multiple violations for each attachment and still have them all related back to each other, however since nested repeats are not allowed, I am unable to properly accomplish this.

  • Pole (1)
    • [can have] Attachment(s) (1+)
      • [which each attachment can have] Violation(s) (1+)

So I would like to have:

  • Pole
    •    Begin Repeat (for Attachments)
      • Begin Repeat (for Violations)
      • End Repeat (for Violations)
    •    End Repeat (for Attachments)

1. Any advice/work arounds that are efficient? (I've come across a couple other questions similar to this but I haven't seen anything recent... yet- still looking)

2. Will nested repeats become available? If so, when?

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Hi Kacy,

Nested repeats are planned for Survey123 3.0, scheduled for release around the UC. In fact, an early version of Survey123 3.0 is already available in the Esri early adopter community!

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How about moving the Poles to Collector then launch the Attachments form from there.  You can then link them based on Pole Number for example.  Now you also have directions to the pole and all that. 

I wrote up a workflow that uses relationship classes here on page 7  https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2016/07/30/understanding-survey123s-custom-url-sche...

Hope it helps.

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