What would cause data to not print on a feature report?

05-08-2020 10:17 AM
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On rare occasions, data is submitted using Survey123 but it does not print on the Feature Report. It is also not visible on the website right hand popout displaying the survey data (see image). This does not happen all the time, just on rare occasions.

In this example, one of my users reported that the State did not print on the report. When I select the record in the Survey123 website I see the data was submitted and in the table, but it does not display in the popout or on the feature report.

Is this a know issue or does anyone know what could cause this to happen?

screen shot of feature report and survey123 data

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Hi Nicholas,

Is the survey published by Connect or web desinger?

Is the survey hosted on AGOL or an enterprise portal?

Is the State field associated with a select_one and choice filter? 

How often did this issue happened and when the issue happened, was the survey submitted by field app or web form?

It will help to identify the issue if you could provide the XLSForm and the setup of the survey.

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Thank you. I took a deeper look and found the issue. The users seeing this issue were all using an out of date version of the survey. We were able to confirm this because we had added a version field to the table and was able to see the correlation between those not working and those that did.

FYI. The reason the State appeared in the table but not in the others is because in one of the updates the State field referenced was changed from the select_one, which is only used in the survey to a text field, which is hidden in the survey but available in AGOL. Why we are doing this longer than I want to write, but there is a reason.

Issue resolved.

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