Update Inspection Date Automatically for Copied Survey

04-03-2020 09:41 AM
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Within my survey I have an inspection date question which is set by default to today() when a new survey is started. When it is time to do the next inspection the user opens the survey with the copy option. The copy still has the same inspection date from the original inspection which makes since. However, this can cause surveys to have the same date which is hard to determine which is the most recent one. We have instructed our users to make sure they update the date, but this is often forgotten.

Is there a way to automatically update the inspection date for a copied survey to be today()?

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Hi Kevin,

The copy option of the survey is doing what it is supposed to--copy all values to another survey as the origional value. 

You may put the today() paraqmeter under calculation column in the xls form, instead of the default column. That way it will display a recalculate button to allow user to reset to today(). But please not the recalculate button is still needed to be clicked to activate the reset. It won't automatically reset though.