Survey123 Web App Select 'Other' labels not always shown

10-18-2021 06:46 PM
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I've recently changed from using ${field}=value in relevant column of S123 when testing for values against select types, to selected(${field},value). This was mainly to consistently approach relevancy between select_one and select_multiple. ${field}=value worked well but selected is causing an issue.

If you have an choice with the name 'other' and use the selected function, the label does not display on the first instance. I reckon its related to the implementation of or_other on the web app, where it hides the label of the first element when selecting something with the name 'other'.

XLSX Attached for reference, and screenshot.

CSS causing the problem on web  app is:



.question>fieldset>.option-wrapper>label.question.or-branch.survey123-singleMultiChoice-other>span.question-label {display: none;



I could use or_other, but I want to make the other definition required and cannot get it to work using this method. To achieve this I typically add an other option to the select and conditionally display using a relevant statement.

I could rename all instances of 'other' in choices to something else, which gets messy, or revert to field=value which is a bit of a pain.

Any thoughts?

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