Survey123 Update storage inventory

04-01-2020 02:36 PM
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We are building a survey to update a storage inventory. I build the survey from an existing feature layer with many relation table. I am trying to use the calculator within the same field so the total_invenotry field in the feature layer will update with each survey submitted which will show the remaining inventory. 

However, I am getting error with survey123. Is this possible to do with survery123 or collector? if not can i build it with dashboard? I need to show the remaining inventory in realtime.

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Hi Yaser,

Are you able to share your survey xlsx file so we can take a closer look to better understand the fields and workflow. It should be possible to achieve what you are wanting to do, however you may need to use a custom javascript function. You can find out more about JS function in the Early Adopter Community as it is currently a beta feature.



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I would love to know where this stands I am trying to do the same thing with Signs we want to keep track of our street signs that are in inventory.  We are slowly trying to get off paper.

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