Survey123: Select_one inside repeat - appearance problems

06-18-2020 03:10 AM
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I´ve recently updated to survey123 connect 3.9 and I´m having trouble with select_one question (worked in version 3.7 without a problem). The surveys are created through my portal for ArcGIS and were originally made in survey123 connect 3.7.

Everytime I try to add a select_one question inside a repeat I have to use minimal appearance otherwise the select_one function does not unselect values if a user switches between answers (not tested in app only browser). So the first clicked was what got stored in some of my testings.This also means that the reguired conditon doesn´t work properly either beacuse if something is greyed out it still counts as an answer. Minimal appearance works, but I really would like to have the option to use other formats as well. Having only "minimal list - appearance does" not look good for simple questions.

I took a printscreen of how it looks. The user clicked the bottom answer, changed to the upper, but the bottom is still selected.

The 3.9 version has some updates I really need so I can´t go back to using the older version.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known limitation?

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Hi Johanna,

The issue you are encountering is a salesforce issue, which will be addressed in 3.10. The fix is available on which you could try to see if the same issue at your side is addressed.

BUG-000130365 The Select_One question records the first choice clicked in a repeat, instead of the final choice selected.

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