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Survey123 Populate Field Based on Input Port?

10-13-2016 06:32 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am conducting a fish survey and have a field that contains a PIT Tag number which is basically a unique identifier that is 15 numbers long. I have used other apps where you can auto populate a cell based on the input port. Does Survey123 offer this kind of feature? It would be useful to have the 15 number just auto populate instead of reading them off and possibly introduce error into the survey. I know the barcode field exist which is close to what I am looking for, but no cigar. 

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I have installed the Bluepiano app on my android phone which allows me to scan PIT Tag numbers (RFID) with a scanner (HPR Lite) and sends the number to a selected field in Survey123. The scanner and phone are paired via bluetooth.

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Ross, how do you get the Bluepiano to write to the Survey123 field automatically?  I though Bluepiano copied the PIT number to the clipboard and you have to paste it into S123.  I would like to use something similar but it has to be iOS due to government equipment requirements.

I found this S123 add-in but am having trouble getting it to write to the S123 form.

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You've probably already figured this out by now, but I believe that API only works with the Bernsten readers (

Are you using those or BioMark? If you got the API to work with Biomark please contact me 🙂

This actually highlights the problem for ESRI - there are multiple products out there and any time anything updated (operating system on device with S123, RFID reader, etc) it could break things. So I get why they're hesitant to develop something that could be a time suck on their resources. Still, I'd like to see the feature added to S123.

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Hi David,

I've followed the tutorial from the Yakima Nation Fisheries group on how to get our HPR Plus to populate our Survey123 field.  You can find it here:

Not sure if it would work with iOS though.  You can get it touch with me at the Coquille Watershed Association if you want a copy of our survey123 xlsform.


Good luck!


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Neither BluePiano (Android OS) or 232 Key (Windows) work with apple products. However, both work relatively well as intended. We (UI and CRITFC) are currently having issues connecting our HPR Lite to our new computer (Windows 12), but this could also be due to new security settings implemented by CRITFC IT. We are investigating that. 232Key works great with Windows 11 and I haven't heard any negative feedback about BluePiano, but we don't currently use tablets or phones.

I am currently looking into apple compatible keyboard wedge software, so if anyone has found any I would appreciate knowing.

ESRI has been promising to integrate bluetooth RFID readers into their native software for years and hasn't made good on it. Last I knew it was coming "next year", but pretty sure that should have been this year (2022). Nothing. Considering the amount of users requesting this I would think it should take priority, but I am also pretty biased.

We are also looking into ways to get the information put into the correct field without having to have the cursor in that field. This is a sampling order issue, but still one that we haven't had to deal with and so is generating a bit of error (the previous data collection software input the PIT into the correct field no matter where the cursor was). And while I expect the error rate to go down as people become more used to the process, it would still be nice if the data was always placed in the correct spot.

And if anyone knows how RTR got the PITs to scan into the correct field automagically, I would also appreciate knowing that. I imagine it's above my abilities, but maybe there's someone out there that can point me in the right direction. RTRs software also interfaced with the PIT tag readers well. Unfortunately they became too expensive for our projects, but if your project has a pretty large budget I would suggest reaching out to them for custom forms that work.