Survey123 Inbox - Most recent surveys

08-08-2022 09:14 AM
New Contributor III

Is there a way to view the most recent submitted surveys in the Survey123 App inbox once the max limit is reached? I understand that the inbox has a default limit of 1,000, but it only shows the oldest submitted records. I have several surveys with over 1,000 records, 11,500 being the most, and would like members to see the most recently submitted surveys rather than the oldest surveys. This would be beneficial for organization members to see the results when visiting facilities to compare what someone else submitted about changes made or trends observed. It would be handy if ESRI changed the default to the most recent surveys instead of the oldest ones. I am not interested in increasing the inbox limit because I have too many records to call upon and it would take too long or crash whenever the inbox tried to update.

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