Survey123: Editing a field in a feature layer on ArcOnline with a default set

12-10-2019 08:00 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a survey I created in Survey123 Connect. In it, there are two hidden questions that have domains associated with them (yes/no). I have assigned the default value to be "No," and submissions are showing correctly. That is:

-the fields are hidden from the survey, and

-the fields are visible on ArcOnline and are populated with "No."

However, the next part of our workflow is to update the fields to "Yes" when the information has been reviewed. When I try to update the field, I get a drop-down window that has "Yes", "No", and "empty" as options to choose. When I click on "Yes," it reverts back to "No" when I click out of it. I can get it to change to "Yes," but first I have to choose "empty," click out of the field, and then click back in and choose "Yes." 

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or remove the <empty> option all together?


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Hi Annina,

How are you trying to edit the survey record? From your descriptions is sounds like in the AGO data tab? Have you tried editing in the Survey123 website data tab or using the web form in edit mode?

Why is the field hidden and with a dropdown lookup if you want it to be editing, in this case it should not be hidden field?



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by Anonymous User
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Thanks for replying. Here's what we're doing:

Someone needs to find out whether or not they need two different permits for a project they are planning. So, they fill out our survey. It is added to a feature layer, in which  employees from two different groups (one for each different type of permit) can view on ArcOnline via a web map (only shared to a closed group) that also contains layers to help with making the decision regarding the permits. We need a way to record if someone from each group has reviewed the project. So, I added two hidden fields. The person submitting the survey shouldn't see these questions, but the reviewers should. Those two hidden fields are automatically set to "No," and then when they are reviewed via the web map, the employees can see the fields and change the value from "No" to "Yes." (Changing via editing the pop-up or table) The layer is symbolized based on these two fields using an Arcade expression to make it easier to see which projects haven't been reviewed. 

I've not tried editing in Survey123, but I do not want the employee to have to go to a different site to change a value. It would be less work to make them change the value to <empty> and then change again.

I've found that the issue I reported to begin with occurs when trying to edit the table. I just tried editing a pop-up, and this is what happens: the pop-up opens and the two fields show "No." Then, when I press "Edit" in the pop-up window, the default values disappear. But, I can set the values to "Yes" with no issue.

So, do you have any idea regarding the table edit issue? I mean, I can just tell the employees to edit via a pop-up, but I'd like to make it as easy as possible.


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