Survey123 Data Page URL Parameters?

06-28-2018 09:57 AM
Esri Contributor

Hello. Is there a way to pass, via the URL, a specific record ID for the Data Page to select?  For example:  I have a survey record that was collected with GlobalID '12345'. It would be nice to be able to provide a link to the data page that would automatically pre-select that survey. Something like:

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Hi. This is not possible at the moment. Sorry!

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I would love to see this become possible.  I really like the reporting functions that are in Beta on the Data page.  Would be great to be able to have a Web AppBuilder map call the specific record from the data page so the user can print the report.  Or even allow the URL Parameters call the report with a specific attribute so that the report for the item selected on the map gets printed! 

Great product by the way!


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Hi Eric, Kevin

Thanks for your feedback, I've logged the request in our backlog for future enhancements.

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Great idea !