Survey123 connect "select one" option with calculations have delayed response to associated calculations on Survey123 Field app

10-31-2022 08:57 AM
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For Question on ESRI Survey123 Portal

We have a survey123 form which is utilizing select one parameter with Calculations being fetched from the calculation parameter on Survey123 connect.


This calculation allows us to select either yes and no and when the option is selected it will update the associated calculation with details.

The calculation works fine but while select one of the options from field and connect app the data update doesnt work the first time. For example if yes is selected the capacity will display yes's value. But if no is selected it will display again display yes's value. We have to select yes again and then click on no to show up the no's value.

It means any option has to be selected twice to show up the correct filter data. It doesnt work the first time.

We have also tried with simple yes and no options and it will fail with calculation. This delay also happens with select multiple options(meaning you have to select the option again to display the correct value)


any suggestions?

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