Survey123 and Speech Recognition integration

12-07-2018 02:48 PM
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The idea to integrate speech recognition technology in field data collection has been proposed (see below), but is there anyone who can share or speak to their current workflow integrating Survey123 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking (or similar speech recognition) software? Has anyone customized their application to enable the transcription directly within Survey123 or is the voice recording transcription performed post-data collection?

Add Speech Capabilities such as Dragon Naturally Speaking to Control and Interact with Map Applicati... 

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Hi Bryce,

I believe the microphone not displaying on a text input question is related to the known issue with Gboard. Can you try a different keyboard on that device and see if you still have that problem?

The Excel app is developed slightly different to how the keyboard works in Survey123, they have created a new button inide their app (not a keyboard button) that switches the keyboard type (letters to numeric), whereas Survey123 does not have such a button. You could raise this as an idea on the Survey123 Ideas page here if you think it is a good enhancement:


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My default keyboard was Gboard. It works fine on all other apps, but on Survey123, I cannot utilize talk to to text or swipe texting. I downloaded and set MS SwiftKey as my default keyboard. I can now use talk to text, but I still can't use swipe texting, my preferred data entry method. That seems to be disabled for this app, but it works fine on others. I'm happy to have talk to text capability now though. Thanks for the tip. 


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