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06-16-2020 03:19 PM
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When I tap with my finger or non active stylus to go to setting page (account info) in the Windows Desktop Survey123 app, that page will not open.  Tried with short tap and a tap and hold.  It opens fine with the mouse, Keyboard touchpad or active pen, but not with a finger or passive stylus.  I am on a Dell Rugged Extreme 7212, same behavior on a co-worker's computer as well (same computer).  As far as I can tell everything else works as it should with a finger. Most of the time it should not be an issue, however certain scenarios I only have the touchscreen available and no other input device.

Tested on my Surface Pro 6 as well, finger tap does not open the account info page.

Version 3.9.149

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Hi Neal,

We had addressed similar issue in 3.7. Did the same issue work in 3.7 but failed in 3.9?

Could you try using 3.10 from our EAC site to see if the issue still persists with the latest build?

If issue still persists, could you contact Esri Support to log an issue with the device you are having problem with?

We would need a specific device and the version of Windows and get a repro case in house to further investigate this.


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