Repeats in Survey123

04-19-2018 04:44 PM
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I have a 'Repeat' in my survey which works well in the Survey123 app, but when you open the survey in a browser it displays each iteration of the repeat one after the other. Also I have some required fields in the Repeat section and it wont let you submit the survey until you have filled in all the fields of every iteration that are required.

Also is there any way to get the 1 => 10 button at the bottom of the repeat as well as the top?

Any help appreciated.


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Dale,

As you note, the display of repeats in the browser is a vertical series.  The behavior of required questions is expected - if a question is required, it must be filled out.  We plan to improve the required setting to have conditional requirements (i.e., based on a function), in the future.  

We plan on introducing improvements to the repeat navigation in the field app with version 3.0 - expect an updated version being posted to the Early Adopter Community soon.

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