Remove Old/Duplicated surveys from connect

05-24-2016 08:06 AM
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Is there a way to remove old surveys that are no longer needed or duplicated surveys from connect. I have a few that duplicated somehow and would like to remove them from connect.

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The only way I have found is to delete the entire folder in ArcGIS/My Survey Designs.

You can get here quickly by opening any survey and clicking "Open Survey Content Folder" on the left hand side.

Would be great to have a delete option on the main screen

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Hi Kyle,

> Would be great to have a delete option on the main screen

FYI, we do have this item on our "to do" list for Survey123 Connect and are working to add this.


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Thanks to Kyle for pointing me in the right direction. I found that there were multiple XML files in my ArcGIS/My Survey Designs folder that was the cause of the duplicates. These xml files were named the same as the surveys but were under different survey folders. I deleted them and then restarted connect and the duplicated surveys were gone.

Renaming the extension on survey named xml file within each survey should allow someone to keep all of the files for a survey but not have it show up in connect. I've tested this to work for me.

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