ReadOnly in XLSForms

08-25-2020 12:09 PM
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Hi, when setting the ReadOnly to yes in an XLSForms, I am right thinking that these fields will be editable when opening the hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro? Am setting ReadOnly to yes in my XLSForms for questions where calculations are performed. I do not want field workers to edit these values, but I want to be able to edit values if necessary once in ArcGIS Pro


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Your assumption is correct. Survey123 calculations, constraints, read-only expressions and other smart form logic only apply to the Survey123 web and field apps.

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Hi dear @IsmaelChivite,

I set readonly question through Survey123 Connect and edited such answer through Pro. When I recovered the forms in the inbox for editing repeats related, I could not see the asnwers in the readonly questions that I filled in Pro. What could have been the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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