Power Automate's Dynamic Content not populating values

02-25-2020 01:21 PM
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I created a survey that an employee fills out. Main parts are Name and E-mail then some answers to questions.

After submitting the employee gets a copy of the survey and their supervisor gets a copy to verify that submission. This is done using Microsoft Power Automate, pulling the e-mail field to send the e-mail. This is working fine.

I created a 2nd form using the existing feature class to show a hidden field to the supervisor. The field is called 'Status' with options; Submitted, Approved, Denied. When the supervisor updates the 'Status' field I have a 2nd webhook to send an email back to the employee to show if their survey was Approved or Denied. However the hook fails because the e-mail field is showing up blank. If I change the e-mail it works just fine, but it seems as if a field is not updated in the 2nd form the webhook cannot pull any data from the updated submission.

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At this time, when the web form sends an edit event, only the data that has been edited is sent.

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