Portal to Inbox Functionality?

11-02-2018 09:02 AM
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I am wondering for Survey123, if it is possible (after publishing a survey) to add & edit features to the layer (from Portal/ArcGIS Pro) and then have those features populate in a user's inbox?

If so, can someone help me troubleshoot the error I've been getting? It says Code 500: Database error whenever I try to refresh the inbox. 

Thank you.

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Hi Dana,

What version of Portal are you using? And what version of Connect was used to publish the survey? Was a new survey created with new feature service or did you create the survey from existing feature service? Does your feature service have related tables and is it using GlobalIds?

Also what version of the field app are you trying to refresh the Inbox with now?

When you are editing or creating records via Pro, what sort of fields are you editing, and are you attaching images to that record?


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Hello Philip,

I actually already solved the problem. I duplicated the surveys over into my AGOL login, and reproduced the same workflow from there. When I did, I got a different error: Invalid Query Expression. So I looked into my Inbox filter query and I discovered I had a syntax in there. So then I went back to my original surveys and fixed the query and then it worked.

To answer some of your questions though:

Survey123 Connect Version: 3.1.126

Survey123 Version: 3.1.113

Portal Version: 10.6

I was essentially taking existing survey information from one survey to populate a new entry in a second, empty survey form. I was mostly editing decimal/integer fields and a couple of hidden fields.

Thanks for your willingness to help!