One submission per each email

06-05-2023 03:42 AM
New Contributor III

Hello everyone. 

I have created a survey form and I want to have one submission per email. 
I have an email question and the Cache answer option is also enabled and, in the Share Survey tab I select "only one submission is allowed per submitter" but still I can submit multiple submission from the same email so anyway to have just one submission from an email?

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Esri Regular Contributor

The "only one submission" option only works with user names (if anonymous submissions are not allowed) or through cookies for anonymous users (to my knowledge) so the form does not really care about email addresses if you use each time a different browser for example.

You could use a pulldata query to check against the previous submissions and only allow to submit if the email address is not found. (That would require to configure your form in Survey123 Connect.)