My Survey Feature Class is zooming to Africa when I click on zoom to layer in Arc GIS Online.

10-19-2022 07:23 AM
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Hey I am new to the ESRI community. I've tried looking this up before coming here. My survey in 1, 2, 3, is a point feature class. Every time I click on that point feature class I created in Survey 1, 2, 3 in ArcGIS Online it zooms either to the extent of the world or (0,0) in Africa. Is this issue in ArcGIS Online or Survey? What would the solution be?  If someone could assist that would be greatly appreciated thanks 🙂

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In the Map tab at the bottom of the survey you can set the coordinates to whatever format, zoom level and values you'd like as the default

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This could be an additional answer if your points are showing up at NULL Island (0,0).

Would you check your Survey123 Connect to make sure your geolocation (in the main survey) is set to required?

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