Maybe a bug - text field in Survey123 form appearing as a number in webmap

11-10-2021 03:30 AM
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A text field (called 'recommendation' - below) in the Survey123 form appears as a number in the CSV file and in the webmap. Several other text fields (eg 'age class' )also show up as numbers in the CSV form but appear correctly as text in the map





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Are you using a select one for these?  If so it stores the Name value and the Label becomes a domain.  On export it gives you Name since that is the actual value stored.  I personally just make name and label the same since the days of codes should be behind us.  But there are ways to have to export the domain value as well.  In Pro is one way.  

If this is your issue search the board and there are lots of posts on how to export the label.  For more about domains see here

Hope that is it  If not post the form that always helps.

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In addition to Doug's answer, you can create some text questions and use the "jr:choice-name(choice_name, 'question')" function to store the labels.

This article explains the function in details:

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