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05-18-2021 11:24 AM
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I would like to send an email with a link to a survey record in the Survey123 inbox so when this link is opened that particular record is shown to the email recipient and he can start editing it (he has full access to the survey). I tried creating a link formatted like this:

arcgis-survey123://?itemID=<itemID>&amp;action=edit&amp;folder=inbox&amp;update=true&amp;field: GlobalID={GlobalID}

It's not working, so that's obviously not the correct structure.

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Hi @Henry7512Custer , it seems like URL parameters were working at version 3.10 and broke after that.

URL parameter for Survey123 - see @Shwu-jingJeng's comment: "BUG-000137679 ArcGIS Survey123 3.11 field app opens the inbox instead of an individual form when the query parameter is used in the custom URL."

Seems like the timing on a fix keeps getting pushed back though...


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Any updates on this Bug?

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