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Labels missing when populating a form from url launched in Explorer/Field Maps

10-26-2021 09:15 PM
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Hi All

I have noticed some wierd behaviour since the latest update.  I have a  form (launched from Explorer/Field Maps) that has a number of questions Grouped and the appearance set to table list and some of these are populated from data in a feature layer.  Up until the latest survey123 field app update this has been working fine.

Since then however when the form is opened from Explorer the fields are popoulated yet all the labels disappear. Yet if I open the form directly from Survey123 the labels are there (see images attached)


As I said this has only occured since the latest update.  Any idea on what has happened here?  I haev attached the xlsx form for reference.

Cheers, Chris


when launched from Explorer and popluated from urlwhen launched from Explorer and popluated from urlForm opened directly from Survey123Form opened directly from Survey123

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