Joining feature layers & tables into 1 table, to simplify export of data

04-15-2020 04:55 AM
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I'm creating a Survey123 form where the user inputs information into a bunch of general text and decimal fields, and then inputs repeated information by using a repeat object in the survey.

Afterwards, one of the tasks the administrator of the data needs to perform is making regular exports of data to input them in an excel spreadsheet, where specific automatic calculations are made to the data, and where it's presented in a certain way necessary.

The export however, creates 2 CSV files, this of course being the fact because there are 2 related tables created when the survey is published: 1 main table and 1 table to store the repeated information.

I want to explore possible solutions where only 1 table is created / exported. This will result in a dataset with more and repetitive data i'm sure, but it would make the excel manipulation phase easier for the administrator of the data.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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If there are not too many fields in the main part of the form you could add hidden fields to the repeat that calc in the values from main.  That way they are in the repeat table right away.  I do this with my keys and some other info so the repeat table is easier to read.

You could also export to a GDB (vs csv) then do a join in ArcMap.  Could script this.  Webmap also has a join function.

You may also be able to do it in excel.  Create a data link in excel that points to the 2 files.  Then have a sheet that joins them.  Could also copy paste into sheets and combine.

Hope that helps.

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Hello Doug

Thanks for your suggestions. I ended up solving my problem in the Excel phase of the project, because otherwise it would involve quite a lot of fields to be duplicated inside the repeat.

So problem solved, thanks a lot!



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Hi Yannick, what method in excel did you take? 


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