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Is there a way to display multiple survey inspections for one location in one feature point?

11-15-2019 01:51 PM
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I have developed a survey to inspect assets within our organization and have configured the survey to link through a polygon layer in Collector. These sites will be inspected multiple times a year and I would like the points associated with each polygon to display a history of inspections, rather that have multiple inspection points created over time. Is there a way to tie each inspection so one point can display a history of each inspection? And how would I go about accomplishing this?

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Hi Doug,

Have you considered using a related layer (repeat section) in the survey? The asset can be the parent layer with geoshape (polygon) geometry, and then the related layer can be a point layer which represents each inspection done at a different time.

Is this what you are after? Or have you already configured your survey this way and now want to display the polygon and related points on the one map in the field app? Have you tried using the Standard maps option (currently in beta) and selecting a linked web map as your base map? You can find out more information on EAC here.



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Create a relationship class from the polygon to the form in your service.  Then pass the key over with the URL.  Once they are related there is all kinds of ways to display.

Other option is to use Arcade and do the lookup yourself.  See this post 

I personally do not like using repeats as you lose location, editor tracking, etc of each visit.  Plus people can mess up old data real easy.

Hope that helps

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