Is their a way to reference one table with multiple repeats? (Photo Comments)

11-23-2020 02:38 PM
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I have several inspections that inspect multiple features or components. Currently I have a photo comment section for each feature (table with text attribute and attached photos). I would like to reduce this to one table and reference that same table for each photo comment section. Is their a workaround to configure this functionality in survey123 connect?

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Hi Michael,

Can you please share your xlsx form so we can take a closer look how you have configured the related tables?

Would using the new "multiline" appearance on an image question help resolve your issue and therefore mean there is only one table/image question that can have multiple photos?



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Here is an example excel file. I made some comments in it. that I will also place here.

I need to maintain a 1 to 1 ratio between photos and comments. The multiline appearance allows me to save space on the form but I don't see a way of making multiple comments without adding more comment lines as new questions (fields).

I want to reference the same table for photo comments. Currently If I try to reference the same table by making the repeat name the same I get a validation error. The validation error does not pop up if the names are different, but this makes a new table (same basic schema as the first). I want all photos and comments to go to the same table ideally.


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