Hidden fields copied to repeat broke after September update

10-05-2021 02:07 AM
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I have a bird survey created with Survey123 Connect version 3.11, Revision Date 22 September 2020.  This S123 is embedded in a Hub Site where members of the public input their survey results.

The survey begins with users entering general metadata and then move on to a repeat section where they enter separate observations of the birds they see during the survey period.  I set up the survey to have hidden fields within the repeat to copy the metadata fields into the repeat table so the user could just use one page of the export instead of cross-referencing from the metadata tab to the observations tab.  The hidden fields are type = text, a calculation set to pull the data from each of the metadata fields, and appearance = hidden (as this is the version before the body::esri::visible column became available in the XLS template).

This was working great until sometime in mid-September of this year (between the 8th and 18th) around the time of the latest updates from ESRI we started getting errors in the data output.  You'll see in the attached screenshots the transition from the data being correct (County, Tetrad, Visit Number, Year, Month, Day fields are complete) to being incorrect - either blank or showing 'o'.  It seems that these fields are blank for the first observation (Sighting ID) for a record and then show the 'o' for subsequent observations for a a record.  

How do I fix this so it pulls the metadata into the hidden fields within the repeat, as it did before?

Attached the S123 Form and two Data output screenshots.

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Hi Sara

Your actual survey seems quite straight forward - i do however see that you have an input mask on the hidden fields - is this by design or by accident? I'm not sure but perhaps that could cause an issue?



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I don't even remember what that's supposed to do.  What does 'no' mean here?

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no is not even valid here.  Prob did a copy paste and got it wrong?