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Getting rid of a column in data view after the field is gone.

10-17-2017 11:41 AM
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I'm having an issue with columns still showing up in the survey data tab / downloaded CSV file even after a question is deleted.

See "ok" column in picture below.

Extra column on data tab

It's not in the survey, or the schema.


The only way I've found to get the data page to update is to publish the survey clearing the previous collected data.

Publish & Delete

Unfortunately it seems like the only thing I can do to get that prompt is to add a new question, otherwise I get the message that it'll be uploaded without affecting the existing data.

I've manually deleted the results and republished the survey, but it still retains the column.

Ideally I would like to be able to get rid of the column... but an easy way to clear previously collected data would also be nice.

Thanks for any assistance.

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Chris,

Removing a question (field) from the survey xls form does not delete it from the feature service. This is by design as you may want to have less questions shown in your survey then there are fields in the feature service.

To delete the field from the feature service you need to edit the feature service in ArcGIS Online or Portal and delete the field. Alternatively you can also use ArcGIS Pro to edit the feature service and delete the field.



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Hi Phil,

I have the same problem. I edited my survey and republished it before actually starting the survey. Now after the first round I noticed all those deleted questions still remains in the data table as well as the feature layer in GIS online. What will happen if I delete extra columns in GIS online while we are still in the middle of the survey? Do I still get new entries in the same feature layer that I’m going to edit? I’m worried if I delete columns in GIS online, I’ll get into trouble using the survey in Survey123 or ending with two feature layers. 




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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Negar,

Deleting the columns via ArcGIS Online will not affect the survey.  Survey123 Connect does not automatically delete the columns as there may be data you wish to preserve within them.  You also could choose to hide them in the output products by using a feature layer view and deselecting those fields.

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Thanks James,

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I've tried that but the feature service in ArcGIS Online does not have a delete option

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by Anonymous User
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I have 2 status fields in a survey I created using web designer. I have removed one of them from my survey and would like to delete it from the feature service. When I go to the Table or Fields view in ArcGIS Online I do not see an option to delete the field. When I bring it into ArcGIS Pro I receive the following error when I try to delete the field: 


What am I doing wrong?

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