FormLogicError - pulldata() function in Survey123 web browser

12-01-2021 10:42 AM
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Error: FormLogicError: instance "CWAreas" does not exist in model


I've developed a survey in Survey123 Connect (updated to 3.13.249) using the pulldata() function. The .csv is in my media folder and I verified the columns are separated by commas. I have also uploaded the same .csv to AGOL and linked it into the survey as Linked Content in Survey123 Connect. The survey works as desired in Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 app on my phone, but I get the above shown error when in the published survey in the browser with no prepopulating of fields. 



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First thing I would try is changing the field name since it is a reserved word.  That little green box is telling you it is an error so can't ignore it.



See the Reserved tab for the list.

Also seeing dups and special chars in your CSV which may cause issues.



Hope that is it.

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Hi Doug. 

Thanks for that tip. That did not fix the error. 

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