Field Maps and Survey123: Double geo-points problem

08-02-2021 08:36 AM
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Hello everybody.

I have a problem with field maps and survey123. I have a survey made in Survey123 connect of which i made a basic URL (arcgis-survey123://?itemID=xxxxxx). I also have a webmap (arcgis online) where the data layer of this survey is added.

 I open field maps on my android device, select the correct web map and add a geopoint at a location different from my current location. After this geopoint is made I get to see the URL. I select the URL which opens the Survey123 app and directs me to the correct survey. I fill in the survey and send it.

When i open the webmap op my pc i see that there are 2 geo points. point A is located at the location that i manually chose. It contains no data at all. Point B is located at my current location and it contains the data from the survey.

I dont understand why survey123 makes its own geometry and why the data from survey123 is not just simply added to the point made in field maps.

I have made multiple combined apps (field maps with survey123) and i have never encountered this problem. The URL is the same as in those apps.

Does anyone know where i am making a error and how to fix this?

Kind regards


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I guess I don't get why you need to create a point in Field Maps?    I only use this if I have preset places for the user to go.  Then a use  launch link to pass over to 123 and relate them together.  

If you are just collecting brand new points just start with the form.  I have a feeling there is a reason you did not list.  You could also use a edit link vs a new link  - see 

Hope that helps

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Does your URL pass the x y location with lat and long value? If you added a default URL it opens the survey only but the location from the field maps won’t be passed. Make sure to get x y values (using arcade) and add it as url parameters. I assume you use it for offline?

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I am also trying to pass the x y location from collector/field maps to Survey123 with no success. The &center field in the URL works if I put constant coordinates (numbers) but not variables. 

I tried to create an arcade expression to get the  x y location in decimal but still it didn't work. How can I put the fields (lat/lon) from the arcade expression in "the center=" field that is part of the URL that is passed over to Survey123?

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I am having the same issue--did you ever find a solution to this?

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Sorry that i respond over a year later.

I have no idea why this worked, but i altered the URL and removed the geopoint question from survey123

arcgis-survey123://?itemID=_________________ &folder=inbox&update=true&action=edit&q:globalid={globalid}"rel="nofollow ugc"

Hope this helps someone  

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