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extract value from repeat based on maximum value of other attribute

07-13-2023 08:38 AM
New Contributor III

I have a repeat to collect information relating to boreholes dug at a site (${bhID}, ${depth}, ${concentration} etc).

outside the repeat have created a new field called ${Max_conc} with the calculation set to max(${concentration}), however i would like to know which id and depth this relates to for my report so i can write something along the lines of 

"The maximum concentration of ${Max_conc}ppm was found at ${bhID_Max_conc}, with a drilled depth of ${depth_Max_conc}"

I am struggling with how to get the fields of ${bhID_Max_conc} and ${depth_Max_conc} calculated from the repeat entry with the maximum concentration.

Is this possible? 

@JamesTedrick @IsmaelChivite 

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