Enhancement Request: New geopoint appearance/interaction

10-05-2018 07:00 AM
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Hello Survey123 for ArcGIS! Hope all is well! I have a new enhancement request from my customer. 

While the pan-and-zoom or search method of locating the geopoint is great for mobile devices and desktop tablets, users in the browser have requested to point-and-click like in a regular webmap (they pointed to Geoforms as a good example).

Whether that is an appearance in Connect, an option to select in the map, or something Survey123 intuitively changes for mobile browser vs. desktop browser, I leave in your capable hands.



FYI Ismael Chivite‌, James Tedrick

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Hi Joe,

It would be great if you can raise this enhancement as an ArcGIS Idea in GeoNet, as that helps other users to vote on such a feature, and also if you create an official enhancement with Esri Support. Both of these avenues help us to understand further the demand for such an enhancement and allow other users to provide their votes or comments and attach their account and details to the official enhancement.



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