Display multiple geopoints from a repeat in a single map

02-22-2022 01:12 PM
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I have a form with multiple groups and repeats that let you collect multiple geopoints. By default the report print each geopoint separately but I want to show all the points in a single map because otherwise it won't make sense displaying them separately.

How can I do that? I found this from the documentation ${geopoint_question | mapSettings:"10df2279f9684e4a9f6a7f08febac2a9":100000}

geopoint_question is the name of the question that let you drop the point and in the object ID (in this case "10df2279f9684e4a9f6a7f08febac2a9" I put the ID of the map that contains the feature layer.

It gives me an error when I try to upload the  report template. Failed to parse because it cannot find the geopoint_question or something similar.

I appreciate your help

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Hi @Iron_Mark ,

In the latest Survey123 February update, the Survey123 report service supports displaying multiple geometries (from a same layer) on a single map.


For example, ${geopointInRepeatLayer | where:"parentGlobalID='<aGlobalID>'" | drawingInfo:"currentLayer"}


Please check details of the syntax and examples in the doc.




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