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06-30-2020 02:14 PM
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I have a query on how to Control Number of Records Entry using Survey123 Field App.

In a practical scenario, I have a list of villages. In each village, i have to collect 3 Persons details (Name, Mobile number, Education and Occupation).

I am using Select_One type for selecting village name question with the villages from Choices sheet and other parameters in text  type.

After collecting 3 records in a village, Survey123 App should not allow to collect any record for respective village.

Pls let me know, if anyone has suggestion on controlling number of records for each village.

Attached sample XLS Form for reference.

Appreciate your early response.



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Hi Sanjeevi,

One way you could approach this is to create one survey for each village and place the personal details into a repeat. The number of records within a repeat can be set in the repeat_count column. You would also need to allow users to update existing surveys by adding allowUpdates=true to the bind::esri:parameters field.

More information on restricting the number of repeat records can be found here:

More information on editing records in existing records can be found here:


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