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Changing ownership of a survey removes rules

12-12-2022 09:04 AM
Occasional Contributor

I wonder if anybody else has this problem.  I just changed the ownership of a survey in Survey123.  After doing so, the required questions are no longer treated as required and can be skipped.  The rules for choices are also ignored.  This happened to me the last time I changed the owner of a survey, and when I contacted ESRI about it the person I spoke to couldn't get past why I would change the owner of a survey, which pretty much ended our discussion.  In that case, I ended up making a new survey.  I really hate to do that in this case because the time in which we need to send this out is coming up quickly.  It also means sending a new link out to the people involved in the project for internal review of the survey.  When multiple links are being sent out it becomes confusing as to which one is correct.  Changing ownership is vital for when employees leave, but it's useless if we have to create a new survey.  

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