Can we use attached file contents within a survey?

03-04-2021 02:01 PM
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Thanks for adding support for file attachments in surveys 🙂  Of course this leads to other ideas.. 

Is it possible to use or access the contents of an attached file within the Survey? Either through a calculation, or I guess more likely in a pulldata javascript function? 




I have a file question in my survey, and when referring to it in calculation only the file name + i guess its internal item id is returned.  Before I pursue other options to parse the files after submission, i just wondered if there was a way to do so in the survey? 

I'm thinking along the lines of validating a CSV using Javascript and using some of the content to populate repeat questions. 



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Interesting idea.

Have you tried 

pulldata('data', 'MinPercent', 'CoverNum', ${GroundNonWoodyCover})

or (sorry cant copy paste the name)

pulldata('data-8973452978259823490hisff', 'MinPercent', 'CoverNum', ${GroundNonWoodyCover})

Hope that works just a guess

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