Can't manually add a geopoint in a repeat in the web form?

05-19-2021 09:38 AM
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I created a survey in Connect and published it to my Portal. The survey has a repeat section where the user has to add a geopoint for each repeat (stored in a related layer). Users should be able to use the web form at their desk and place points manually on top of the basemap.

When I use the web form at my desk the only way I can get a pushpin to show up on the map is entering an address in the search bar, just navigating and then clicking on the map does nothing. Then the only way to move the pushpin to the correct position is to manually edit the lat long, I can't drag the basemap underneath the pushpin like in Collector or Survey123 Android app.

Is this expected behavior or did I miss something in my configuration?

First attempt at publishing a survey with Portal (10.8.1)

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Hi @Mark_Johnson ,

I'm unable to reproduce the behaviour you're describing here. I tested it with 10.7.1, 10.8.1 and 10.9 portals and can manually place the pin and zoom/pan etc. If you share your xlsform, I can try to troubleshoot further if you like.



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