Can email link in Survey123 Form include attachments?

11-24-2020 12:03 PM
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I have a form that is "signed" in the field by customers (an image field in the form that has an appearance set as "signature").  Before the Survey123 form is submitted, there is a note, at the bottom of the form, of "Click Here to send an email copy of this form" which is html coded to send an email with the contents of the form (if the customer wants an email copy of the form, this is how they receive it).

Is there a way to include the signature, which becomes an attachment once submitted to the database, in the email?  My initial guess is that it cannot, since that attachment doesn't exist yet until the form is submitted to the database; but, I wasn't sure if there was a workaround or other method of achieving this.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi. It is not possible to send an email with the signature right from within the survey. Alternatively, you can automate an email notification, once the survey has been submitted, using the Survey123 Integromat or Microsoft Power Automate connector. More details at: