Autofill Data From Feature service to Survey 123

08-10-2022 01:20 PM
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I have been tasked with creating a public survey to assist our permitting department. I am using Survey123 Connect ver 3.12.232. I would like the user to enter in their address on the map and the address information auto populate to include parcel information, Flood Zone information, commissioner precinct, census tract info and distance from flood zones if applicable. 2 questions..

1. Does this have to be done through Java script? if so how?

2. If it has to be done through a JSON, does the user have to have sign-in ability?

Thank you


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If your survey is going to be used from a web browser, I suggest you look at the pulldata("@layer") function as described here: 

This pulldata("@layer") function is currently documented in our Early Adopter website and ONLY works in the web application, but you can use Connect to author and publish your form. Keep in mind that Connect will not understand pulldata("@layer") so you need to get the syntax right in Connect and test in the app.

I suggest you download the latest version of Connect. If you cannot upgrade Connect, then make sure you add ?version=latest at the end of the web form URL to force the Survey123 web app to load the latest version.

The pulldata("@layer") function is planned to be officially released later in 2022, but we enabled it already for web applications since February 2022 as many people needed it to do similar things to what you are trying to do.

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