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Madhuri Shetye

02-04-2020 12:42 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I'm Madhuri from Mumbai India. I'm working in Arcadis as GIS consultant in UK Environment sector.

We used Arcgis and Arcgis Pro here. we are also going to used Collector and Survey 123, some of the team members already started using Collector and Survey 123 in the UK. 

We worked here on Ecology, Arboriculture, Cultural heritage, Hydrology, Hydrogeology and EIA in Environment projects.

It's really a pleasure to work on ESRI softwares.

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Welcome Madhuri we are pleased to have you join us in the community. There are lots of places in the community that could be helpful in your work to connect with and ask questions of other members with similar interests. Here are a few:

Collector for ArcGIS

ArcGIS Pro

Survey123 for ArcGIS

Hydrographic Resources

Good luck in your work and your interactions in the community.

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