Euclidean Distance Output to CSV

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06-15-2021 03:40 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have been using the Euclidean Distance tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 to generate the distance of several features; river, roads, and settlements, from a few points of interest. We would like to convert this output into a CSV table that is readable in R for further analysis by another team. 

Since there is no way for the values generated to be visible in an attribute table (the output from the tool is a floating-point raster), can someone tell me how do I go about this? Is there any way I can preserve the values generated by the Euclidean Distance tool, generate an attribute table for it, and export it into a CSV?

I've tried reclassified but the values differ and I don't know how to remap it back; didn't work. I've tried converting into other formats; 32-signed pixel etc...but the values become something else. I'm quite out of my depth at the moment. May I know if anyone knows how to go about this issue?

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by Anonymous User
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Heya @DanPatterson! Thanks so much! Worked like a charm 😎😎😎

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