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Capital Project Tracking solution update data wizard not working for hosted feature layer

3 weeks ago
New Contributor II

I'm utilizing the Capital Project Tracking solution in Enterprise portal version 11.2. I'm unable to update the data for the InfrastructureProjects hosted feature layer by using the "Update Data" wizard that replaced the "Append Data" function. 

I'm able to get through the wizard to the point where I specify choosing which data to update, when the wizard hangs and a blank screen is displayed (see image below).

Any thoughts or similar experiences? The wizard works fine when used in our AGOL portal, just not the Enterprise portal. I am also able to run the update wizard on other hosted feature layers in our Enterprise portal but not the InfrastructureProjects layer. I was originally able to append the feature layer with a zipped shapefile (as per instructions for the solution) before updating to 11.2, but it seems that now it won't work. 




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Esri Contributor

Hi Patrick, 

Sorry to hear you are hitting issues. 

The first thing I'd try is to clear your cache. Sometimes things get saved in there that prevent the UI from loading correctly. If that doesn't work, I'd be curious if a different browser or logged in user yield the same results. 

The last thing I'd try would be changing the sharing permissions for the layer (a simple share private/org swizzle). This may shake some things loose that are preventing the UI from loading. 

Hopefully one of these will help get everything working. If not, let us know!


Andy Shoemaker
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