Get Raw Model/Geometry Out of AGSPortal or AGSArcGISSceneLayer

04-17-2020 11:08 AM
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We'd like to get models and positioning data out of the AGSPortal or AGSArcGISSceneLayer so that we can render them in our own renderer. We can already do the simple geometry (points, polygons, etc), but I'd like to be able to pull out models of something like a fire hydrant or building from feature layers. 


We are on iOS/Swift and currently using the ArcGIS-Runtime-Toolkit-iOS.

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Hi Joshua,

Are you asking about AGSArcGISSceneLayer or AGSFeatureLayer? Feature layers have JSON definitions that describe how they're drawn. You should be able to interrogate that via the API on the Feature Layer's renderer, or look at the service definition to get that information.

For scene layers, we don't provide APIs to get at the rendering information, but you could check out the I3S Specification: GitHub - Esri/i3s-spec: This repository hosts the specification for Scene Layers which are container... 

I assume this is in the context of AR. Is there a reason you want to render this way rather than using the Runtime's AR implementation?


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Thanks for the reply. In the end, we're looking to get a 3D model in a commonly consumable format with geopositioning data so that we can attach it to an AR SCNNode and render it. We're looking through the I3S spec you provided to see if/how we can get there with that. Any suggestions you can provide would be appreciated. 

Yes, it is for AR. As mentioned in our email conversation, we have our own proprietary AR stabilizing, positioning, and orientating system as well as an existing AR app, so we cannot reasonably make use of the runtime's AR implementation. We are currently attempting to use the runtime as a rendered layer on top of our own AR, but you are aware of the issues we are still encountering with that. We have also noticed an issue with the frame by frame tracking of your current AR implementation. It seems to drag behind the actual position.

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