Runtime Accelerators

03-03-2017 10:03 AM
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I want so create a series of accelerators ('keybinds') for my team to use in ArcGIS Pro while this function was avaiable in ArcGIS Desktop it is missing in the GUI in ArcGIS Pro. I saw that I can add them using my custom add in to be added to the compiled DAML file at runtime. What I would like is to present the user with a list of all accelerators at runtime but to read/parse them from the main config.daml file so I don't have to maintain a list. This also allows the user to see custom key binds that third party add-ins offer. I am haveing a difficult time doing this. I attempted to do this using an add-in and also a custom configuration and am unable to find the correct path to do. Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. 

Here is an example of my custom accelerators. 

    <!-- Inspector Accelerators -->
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_Inspector_Buttons_OKNext" flags="Ctrl+Shift" key="N" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_Inspector_Buttons_OKStay" flags="Ctrl+Shift" key="S" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_Inspector_Buttons_OKScale" flags="Ctrl+Shift" key="X" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_Inspector_Buttons_DeleteNext" flags="Ctrl+Shift" key="D" />
    <!-- Domain Appointer Accelerators -->
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain00" flags="Alt+Shift" key="0" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain01" flags="Alt+Shift" key="1" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain02" flags="Alt+Shift" key="2" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain03" flags="Alt+Shift" key="3" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain04" flags="Alt+Shift" key="4" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain05" flags="Alt+Shift" key="5" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain06" flags="Alt+Shift" key="6" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain07" flags="Alt+Shift" key="7" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain08" flags="Alt+Shift" key="8" />
    <insertAccelerator refID="RS_Tools_Tools_DomainAppointer_Buttons_Domain09" flags="Alt+Shift" key="9" />
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